"Please know that today of all days, you are included, and you belong." - Jeffery Marsh


A longtime yoga student and licensed massage therapist, Kelly Marshall embarked on his RYT-200 training with Black Swan Yoga back in 2012, expecting nothing more than a fitter yoga body and an improved ability to rock a sick handstand. However, spending 8 hours a day of daily study and yoga asana practice in front of a mirror took its toll on his delusions of self-concept. Through yoga, Kelly Marshall (then female-identified) realized that she was in fact, a he.

With this first-hand experience of the therapeutic powers of yoga and extensive anatomical training, he continued his studies by enrolling in the IYT Yoga Therapist training, delving into the myriad tools, techniques, and philosophies of yoga as medicine.

Afterwards, he enrolled in the coaching academy with Life on Fire, honing his personal development dialogue and coaching skills in order to share what he's learned in the most accessible and solution-oriented way possible.

With Spectrum Yoga Therapy + Massage, he offers corporate education, mindfulness coaching, individual and group yoga instruction and Yoga Therapy, Reiki, massage and bodywork.

He specializes in creating a safe space of healing and empowerment for individuals whom are addressing trauma, anxiety/depression, body and gender issues, and more.