Yoga/Yoga Therapy

"I was first introduced to Kelly because I won an auctioned gift certificate he donated to help raise money for a great cause (positive point #1). When I met Kelly, i immediately felt his loving, funny, and healing spirit and knew I'd come back. As a domestic and sexual assault advocate I was very appreciative of Kelly's trauma-informed approach to massage therapy, checking in with me every step of the way as he conducted his massage. In addition to Kelly building a comfortable and trusting rapport, his massage was AMAZING!

He spent some time with me afterwards to answer all of my questions about Yoga Therapy and I decided to come back to try it out. I had never done Yoga Therapy before but it was exactly what i needed and Kelly made the concept very accessible to a non-yogi. He held space for my emotions, my body's needs, and my goals - even when i wasn't entirely sure I was "doing it right".

His reassurance, guidance, and inviting spirit introduced this novice to non-guided meditation - something i did not think I could do before.

I also love the community feel that Kelly builds in his studio and beyond. Thanks Kelly for caring so well and intentionally for others and helping us busy brains find stillness." - Jessica M., LCSW 

“Kelly is amazing! I had never tried Yoga Therapy before, and it was a moving experience. I can tell I have a lot of healing to do, and Kelly was spot on in identifying things for me to work on. I would highly recommend Kelly as a healer for whatever problems or pains you are dealing with!” - Chris G, Licensed Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist

"I have completed 9 yoga therapy sessions with Kelly, and am on the way to the finale, the 11th! My experience has been emotional, fun, introspective, creative, and so much more. I have learned how better to meditate and not beat my Self up for thinking about other shit. HA! He has given me tools to work through physical pain, and exercises to bring the mind, body, and spirit together as one bad-ass force, owning my shit and being my authentic Self. I've done a lot of work within my Self in the past and innately understood these concepts, but in this form, Yoga Therapy has shown me a whole other level of connecting my body with my thoughts and emotions. It's empowering to know through experience, not just belief, that there is no difference between the mind, body, and spirit, but a label. EVERYONE, go do Yoga Therapy! LOVE YOU, KELLY!" - Megan C, Licensed Massage Therapist

"I absolutely loooooooooove the care and therapy I have received from Kelly. He is a wonderful coach and mentor with a huge bag of tricks to help with any aches and pains you have.  He is just go....don't think about it...just go." - Rocky C, Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

"Kelly is incredible at what he does. Every massage I have received from Kelly has been unique and completely right for what my body needed at that moment. I really appreciate Kelly's care and attention. Kelly will work with you through thoughtful questions and careful and attentive guiding.  I always leave feeling rejuvenated mind, body and spirit." - Bex O.

"Kelly is a miracle worker. As someone with anxiety, I am not always comfortable with people working on my body. But Kelly consistently provides a safe, respectful, and highly professional space for me to heal. Today, I walked in with intense shoulder stiffness and pain and walked out with full, pain-free mobility. I always take away a new understanding of how my body works, along with practices specific to my lifestyle to help avoid injury in the future. Definitely would recommend." - Owen P.

"You know how we're always bemoaning how difficult it is to find the right providers? We want providers who are inclusive, trauma informed, knowledgeable, effective, AND rad human beings. It seems impossible sometimes, doesn't it?


Kelly went above and beyond to listen to my needs for the body work I sought but also took his time learning about any sensitivities, experiences, and goals I have had historically AND what I was interested in going forward.

It's clear he was well trained and has invested in gaining expansive knowledge but, at the same time, he didn't pretend to be an authority or expert on my own body. How rad is this?!

If you need a co worker getting back into your own body or if you need an expert massage from a really great massage therapist, reach out to Kelly! I'm probably going to exhaust people singing his praises. Get to it! - Michelle I. 

"Kelly is a wonderfully knowledgeable, kind, and talented massage therapist and human being. He really takes the time to listen and understand how your body works and any specific needs you might have. He's attentive and gives you the massage you ask for, which is great because I really like someone who can apply deep pressure and get into my more gnarly knots.

Even more importantly, Kelly is someone you can trust. He's trauma-informed and nonjudgmental, and welcoming of all genders and body types, and I would not ever hesitate to recommend him to a friend." - Dana R.

"This was the BEST Massage EVER!!!!!
I had a area in my neck that’s been painful for months, I tried a chiropractor, Aleve, Tylenol, and Advil, with no relief.. It’s been almost two weeks since I had the massage, and my neck feels great! He also found carpal tunnel areas that I had problems with as well, and I have to say, I have not had any carpal tunnel issues either.
I will keep going to see him regularly."
 - Kathy S.

"Kelly was great! He has very healing hands and listened attentively to what I told him my body needed. I've had lots of massages in my lifetime and this one was on my top five which is saying a lot. He was professional and those hands are magic. I will def be returning and telling my friends and fam to go to him. I was so relaxed and felt at ease with him. He is doing an excellent service for people." -Camille F.

The best massage I have ever had. I'm hard to please when comes to massage's. As a fellow LMT, I was very impressed, relaxed. Kelly knows what he's doing. I finally found some time to return ... I highly recommend this beautifully decorated, calming and sweet energy Yoga Therapy/Massage place." - Billie B

"The therapeutic massage and advice really helped me figure out what and where I need to work on from aftermath of old injury and surgeries. I can see how it would be a good experience for a non-injured person too since relaxation and tension areas are targets too." -Elaine F.

"Kelly is an amazing therapist. Very intuitive and well versed in swedish and deep tissue massage technique, yoga therapy, reiki energy healing and more . I felt not only physically renewed but mentally clearer after my session. I will definitely be back." - Lita V

Having had a tremendous massage from Kelly before, I sought him out to work with a shoulder and hip issue. My shoulder had been painful for at least six months, my hip injury occurred six weeks ago. Kelly gave me a very thorough treatment,  releasing knots and tension I didn't even know were there! His massage skills are still the best I've ever experienced,  leaving me relaxed and blissy. The yoga therapy body work left me feeling so flexible and it worked very well with the shoulder and hip issues giving me immediate relief. It's now one week later and both problems are history!! Kelly has remarkable "healing intuition" too and gave me helpful insights during the treatment. Healing on so many levels. I highly recommend Kelly!!! -- Jacinta B. 

"If you want a super relaxing massage, I would recommend seeing Kelly.  He is super awesome, and would put you to sleep in a heartbeat.  Everytime I see him, I am super relaxed, and all my tension is gone. He can get all the knots out and leave you wishing the massage wouldn't end." -- Yashira P.

"Kelly is an extraordinarily talented Licensed Massage Therapist. I am grateful to say that I have been his client for 5 years now, and in that time he has effectively addressed the myriad of pain issues, muscular tension, and stress that have come up for me. What makes Kelly such an effective massage therapist is his wonderful combination of skill, strength, and intuition. He is at once impeccably professional and compassionate.  I would enthusiastically recommend Kelly to anyone." -- Colleen S., LAc.

"Kelly truly addressed every problem area (and there were many). When I got home, I looked in the mirror and actually felt pretty and 20 years old again, even through I am 49. When I walked in, I felt as if I looked my age. I truly looked in a brightly lit mirror when I got home and was delighted. I feel so pretty and relaxed and loose after all the work he did, and I understand that we paid for the treatments, but I have been to so many massage therapists and spas that will take your money and do just an okay job or even a good job but you lose the effects about an hour out. I TRULY FEEL LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON than when I went in -- my outlook is better. I have a renewed interest in taking better care of myself and will definitely be back. Thank you so much. Seriously. I am gushing, but I really felt tired and anxious and old this morning (albeit excited) and I feel gorgeous and young and alive. I don't even want to eat unhealthy food. I just want to keep detoxing."  -- Anonymous