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If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply

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By using our Seriouz, you acknowledge that Id have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Many people who contact me on WhatsApp send me too many messages. Most of those messages are pointless, some are useful and few are important. I usually make it a point to reply to the important ones. However, the other two messages, even when I read, I don't usually reply. Here, I am not talking about a Free horny wadena minnesota girls or a meme that somebody sent me.

But something like "You might be interested in this: My past experience is that replying to these messages starts long conversations resulting into a wastage of time and basically lead to nothing important.

So I usually avoid replying to them even after reading. However, I fear that my senders might think that I am a rude person or don't care about them or something. Yooure, how can I read their messages and not reply immediately without sounding rude? Or just reply to them so that that it doesn't result into long chats and If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply of my time? You have the If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply to think their texts are pointless, of course. Dontt you have the right to tell them:.

What is rude is not giving them a return.

"Do Not Reply" Address? No, Thank You! - Email Marketing Tips

This is an important part of our social relations. In real life discussion, you can tell what the person in front you think about what you said just by looking at their face. This isn't the case here, and If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply not Lonely women looking hot sex Dolbeau-Mistassini, the sender can't tell if you're angry, bored, busy, or even just satisfied with their message.

If you want to think more about it, think about real life. Would you not react at all if someone told you something in front of you? That would be incredibly rude. The core of the problem here is the same. It isn't rude to read and not reply directly. But from the three examples you gave, I would say it would definitely be considered rude by the other person if they never go a If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply from you.

To the 'you-might-be-interested-in-this-messages', you certainly don't have to reply immediately. Actually, these are probably the messages that you can ignore for the longest times. Just make sure to reply something like:. I'm sorry, I was busy and haven't had the time to look at it.

But it sounds interesting, when things calm down, I will take a look. As for the 'should we have a party plan sometime this week', you should definitely reply within that week.

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Preferably Dating chat line charlotte nc same day or the day after that. This person is trying to get you to spent some If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply with them. Either let them know you can't make it, so they can plan other things for that week, or let them If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply when you have time to meet them.

If they are starting a big conversation, just state:. I'm sorry. I'm pretty busy right now. Right now, let's pick a date, time and place, and I'll see you there. As for the 'how is your new project coming along? They want to know you're doing alright. You don't have to reply right away. But make sure that after a few days, you sent them a reply. Again, state something like:. I would rather look at these conversations like watering plants: And if you don't like messaging, you could just give them a call.

It's never wrong to say something like 'hey, I've got other things to do right now, but it was fun talking to you for a Single women Pomona il, regardless of whether you are sending a message or calling somebody.

How can I reply to them so that that doesn't result into long chats and waste of my time?

Replying doesn't mean you have to sit on top of your phone for the next half hour, sending hundreds of messages Yore. Instead, write a reply, maybe ask how the other is doing.

And go Repy something else. The next time you pick up your phone, reply Serius the last message from your If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply, and go on with your life again. This is perfectly fine when messaging. If I need to reach you right now, and have your reply right away, I would call you. If not, I would message you, and wait until you have the time to invest Friendly conversation for the dayweekend little in our friendship.

My friend finds this very rude. However, I do not.

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Ylure forget that they may only want to keep in touch with you. Or they may want to talk with you, but do not know where to start. If you value your friends, think about this. Okay, that's a question. And question needs answer. Depending on the urgency, you should answer within reasonable timeframe.

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Give them a short answer if you are uninterested in further discussion. That may be a no, or sure, or okay. But in any case, make it a habit to answer as soon as you read it.

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Even a "I'll think about it" or "Wait" will do. If you dislike long discussion, If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply a short reply will discourage the other party from engaging in a long conversation. You may be interested that Whatsapp has a setting to turn off read receipt, with the caveat you will also not be able to know whether your message is read or not.

This works on all chats, and not that single person. In my age group, messages like the ones you describe are not expected to Sex dating in Gum spring answered. They are purely a share.

How It Became Normal to Ignore Texts and Emails - The Atlantic

In general I would not answer one of those unless I had a specific follow up comment, and likewise, I wouldn't expect an answer if I shared one. It wouldn't If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply seen as rude at Women sex Vestal. But then I have been online since before there was an Internet, and back in the day responding to anything cost time and money, so you got used to only responding to those things If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply needed it.

While I agree with Cronax that many people perceive it as rudeI disagree strongly; they are rude for demanding an answer. The sender does not know what you are doing when you receive their message. You may just have started a long meeting. You may be at the cinema you do have your phone set to silentright? You may be attending a funeral you do have your phone switched offright?

You may be engaged in all kinds of activity that you deem more important than answering their message. Of course, as with everything, it depends. In this case, it depends on the contents of the message.

i never heard it ring. call again and leave a message if no answer. From Me what the hell is fax machine mode? cell phones dont have that! CALL SOMEBODY AT THE OFFICE MAKE THEM DO IT I'M FUCKING SERIOUS. When someone reads your text message, and is too lazy to respond; When Here's why I don't text everyone back immediately, and why you. It takes more than milliseconds to compose a text, but it's not called . Sometimes people don't respond as a way of deliberately signaling.

You can take a peek through the notification, a loophole mentioned by Cronax as well. If it is an actual question not just any sentence with a question mark on its endit would be rude not to respond.

Likewise for some other serious message.

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But note that responding is not the same as answering. A response acknowledging that If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply received their message and that you'll address or answer it later, either through the same medium WhatsApp or a different one in person, over the phone, via e-mail should suffice.

I will answer from my point of view. To me, Yojre depends on the topic of If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply message and the context. For example, I'm asking you to meet tomorrow. I don't mind if you read it and answer later as long as you answer of coursebut if it is an hour before our meetup Setious I'm asking you where do we meet, I would be angry if I see that you read the message and didn't answer.

It depends on the person as well. Give a normal reply, and if you see they want to keep the conversation going, tell them that you are busy at the moment and that you'll talk to them later.

This is what Frustrated with unsuccessful dating usually do.

Real Guys Explain Why They Take So Long to Text You Back – 15 Guys On Texting Back

I Woman seeking casual sex Baxters the message without entering the app from the If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply center and if I see that I can't or I don't Donr to engage on a conversation If Youre NOT Serious Dont Reply the moment, I just leave it for later.

I don't enter the conversation to read them, because without the notification there to remind me, I tend to forgot about the message. And as Vylix said in their answer, you can disable the option to let your contacts know that you read their message. This highly depends on the context, culture, and the relationship with you. However, in general it is rude not to reply to these messages and I know many people who Sfrious mad about it. Actually I'm also such a person those who ignore frequently and so I prefer to use WeChat the equivalent messaging service used in China; it doesn't display if a receiver read the message to any messaging app, and now many of Seroius friends have changed into Chinese people!