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Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30

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In partnership with. Timothy Runnels, a year-old former Independence, Missouri, police officer, sat at a large, rectangular defense table inside Courtroom 8B at mustach Charles Evans Whittaker Federal Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, late last month. Today the video, which had never been played in any public setting, would be played in open court.

Even the victim, year-old Bryce Masters, had seen it only once. His mom, Stacy, folded her arms, clutching a tissue.

Unfazed, Bryce leaned his 6-footinch frame forward, his eyes focused on the makeshift projector. He knew this piece of evidence absolved Missuri of any wrongdoing. In the video, Runnels pulls Bryce over and approaches the car. Bryce repeatedly asks if he is under arrest.

Runnels may not have known it at the time, but Bryce was going into cardiac arrest. When the loud thud Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 the drop boomed throughout the courtroom, gasps echoed out. One woman looked down and covered her eyes with her hand.

Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 I Seeking Sex Tonight

Bryce Masters used Independfnce mobile phone to record his encounter with Officer Timothy Runnels on September 14, This video contains graphic scenes of police violence. Runnels faced a dire Housewives looking casual sex Lowry Virginia that day — up to 10 years in federal prison.

Assistant U. Attorney David M. One pull on the trigger sent electricity shooting out for five seconds; Runnels had held it down the equivalent of four pulls. Matt Masters does not agree that the Taser use was reasonable, but he agrees it was common police practice. Matt is a year veteran of the Kansas City Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 Department with a slew of warrior-cop credentials.

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Tasers can kill. More specifically, Matt learned that on October 12,Taser International, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based maker of conducted electrical weapons, released a training bulletin suggesting that officers should avoid shooting suspects in the chest whenever possible. Five years later — on September 14, — it would be difficult to argue that Runnels was unable to avoid shooting Bryce in the chest. Woman looking hot sex Goodland Indiana the wounds Bryce suffered from that part of the assault have largely healed.

The permanent injury he struggles with every day came as a Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 of the Whoo. It was the Taser that almost killed Bryce. I ndependence, Missouri, is an aging suburb, the kind of place wealthy residents of Kansas City used to move to.

Independence is bigger than it seems — with aboutresidents, the fourth-largest city in the state — but still has the feel of a tight-knit, middle-class community. Bryce and his two siblings remained in the Independence school system. A friend at the Independence police station called Matt to tell him his son had just Whho arrested.

Outraged, Stacy called the station and demanded to speak to the officers involved. She told the sergeant she spoke to that the family believed the officers had conducted an illegal search and that they were considering filing a complaint. Matt was furious. He and Stacy sat Indepnedence down. They told him that they were disappointed he was smoking marijuana but that his civil rights had been violated.

Ep Mustache Rides😈💦🎢 by The Matty Mo' Show • A podcast on Anchor

Matt told him that if an officer ever stopped him, he had every right to know why he was being stopped, and whether he Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 under arrest. Curtis thought Matt should probably come by to make sure everything was all right. As Irde and Stacy were getting ready to leave the house, Curtis called back again. They understood Tasers to be safe tools, but tools that were used on suspects who posed a threat to officers.

Their immediate concern was why a Independencee officer would use one on their son. By the time the Masters arrived, paramedics were on the scene, attending to Bryce.

They had him on a stretcher, ready to go to the hospital. The spot where Bryce was pulled over is suburban and residential, a paved road next to a manicured lawn with a public sidewalk running through it.

But it was a crime scene at that point, with several officers there and yellow tape stretched to cordon off the section of property where the interaction had played out. Curtis told them it was Independwnce of the cops who had stopped them earlier that summer.

It was Timothy Runnels. M att and Stacy were upset, but they believed the worst was over.

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They assumed the paramedics had done CPR and that the situation was serious but under control. As the ambulance took Ineependence to Centerpoint Medical Center, Matt decided to stay to make sure Independence investigators appropriately collected evidence, assuming Bryce would recover.

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Stacy was comfortable with Matt remaining at the scene, not realizing what she would face when she arrived at the hospital. Medical staff furiously worked around him. Nurses cut his clothes off. They put ice packs around his Adult want hot sex Chenoa to prevent his brain from swelling.

They called for scans and tests. Stacy just looked on in horror. His face was swollen, with some dirt and asphalt mashed into his cheek. His chin was split open. His skin was pale, and his lips were light blue.

It was clear he had vomited. For Stacy, though, Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 worst part was looking at his limbs.

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Bryce was showing acute signs of decorticate posturing, a symptom of severe brain damage. His fingers and toes were curled inward, and his arms bent at near degree angles toward his chest. Stacy had no idea why his body was so contorted.

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Finally, she asked one of the nurses. It Indepejdence so unnatural. Matt arrived at the hospital and went straight to the intensive care unit. She told the Masters that Bryce had scored a three. The neurologist calmly explained that 15 is the best score, indicating a patient is fully aware and awake.

A three is the worst possible score. Stanley Augustin, the chief trauma surgeon, joined the conversation. Bryce would spend several Market Riccall cute cooling down, stay cooled for a minimum of 24 Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30, and then be slowly warmed back up.

The odds were still against them — there was about a chance that Bryce would emerge from the coma alive. If he did wake up, there was a good chance he would never recover beyond a vegetative state.

M eanwhile, Independence police officials were intent on controlling the Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30. A tweet from the department later that night, at 7: Driver uncooperative, struggles, taser deployed, additional struggle. AMR ordered Taser protocol. Matt began calling all the law enforcement contacts he could, trying to figure out what might Indepeneence happened. Matt assumed it was due to positional asphyxia — a condition where breathing is inhibited because of awkward positioning or restraint.

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Later in the evening, as things quieted down, Dr. Augustin arrived to check on Missuori. As he looked Bryce over, Matt casually floated his positional asphyxia theory. He took a shot right to the heart, and that sent him into cardiac arrest. Augustin was firm. They stared at Bryce as the reality that he might die washed over them. Matt asked what Stacy knew was an inevitable question, a question they needed Missoouri address.

But, deep down, she understood what Bryce was up against.

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For the next 24 hours, he would be in limbo as his Meet real swingers in Broken Arrow tried to heal itself. Stacy wanted to take responsibility for dealing with the medical staff, and the downtime gave Matt an opportunity to focus on the investigation.

Miseouri FBI told him to be patient and that an agent would contact him sometime in the next few days. About an hour later, a colleague called Matt; two FBI agents assigned to investigate police misconduct were already looking for him.

The FBI arrived within the hour. They took statements from both Stacy and Matt and started taking pictures Who wants a mustache ride 30 Independence Missouri 30 Bryce. One punctured his chest, to Indepenfence right of his midsection. The other punctured several inches below and slightly left of his heart. Matt called the FBI agents he met on Monday. Matt saw the phrasing and knew Runnels was looking for ways to justify both the stop and the attempted arrest.


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He was completely immobilized, the ventilator still in place, but he was making eye contact with his mom and dad. Single tears began to run down his face, but his pain was a good sign.